I. light light 1 [laɪt] adjective
1. MANUFACTURING light equipment, materials, machines etc are easily moved and used for fairly small tasks:

• the light aircraft company, Cessna

• The empty space will be converted for light industrial use.

2. FINANCE when buying and selling of shares etc is light, very little business is being done on a financial market:

• Stocks fell for an eighth day in light trading.

3. light touch if someone in authority uses a light touch, they trust the people or organizations they are in charge of and often let them make their own decisions:

• He ruled his staff with a light touch.

  [m0] II. light light 2 noun
1. in a good/​bad/​positive etc light if you see something in a particular light, you think about it in a particular way:

• As long as the customer perceives the price and the product in a positive light, the extra price will be viable.

• As rates rise in the money markets, equities may be seen in a less favourable light.

2. in the light of in light of if something is decided in the light of something else, it is decided after taking that thing into consideration:

• Companies need to be satisfied that the contract is suitable in the light of their circumstances and financial position.

3. give something the green light to approve a project, plan etc so that it can begin:

• The removal of investment controls gave the green light to financial institutions to invest in property.

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light UK US /laɪt/ adjective
not great in size, strength, or amount: »

Air traffic was very light at Heathrow so we were not delayed.


We had a light meal before we began negotiations.

TRANSPORT used for describing forms of transport that are smaller or that use less power than the usual kind: »

Fleets of light trucks deliver furniture to households throughout the region.


Light aircraft allow busy executives to fly anywhere at a moment's notice.


A contest for light rail development drew interest from urban planners.

needing only a very small amount of work or effort: »

light chores/cleaning/work

light on sth — Cf. light on sth
make light work of (doing) sth — Cf. make light work of sth
light UK US /laɪt/ noun
a way of thinking about or understanding something: a bad/good/new light »

After they won all those awards, we saw them in a new light and decided they were serious competitors.

a negative/positive light »

We want to show our country in a positive light.

cast/shed light on sth — Cf. shed light on sth
give sth a/the green light — Cf. give sth the green light
in the light of — Cf. in the light of

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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